John Douglass Defeated by Hurt on Election Day

Crowd in Charlottesville

Charlottesville, VA - John Douglass lost to Robert Hurt Tuesday in the race for the 5th Congressional District seat.

Hurt got 55% of the vote, and Douglass got 43% of the vote, according to the Virginia Board of Elections.

Douglass was in Charlottesville for most of the night. He had a watch party in Charlottesville where there were plenty of Democrats watching the state and national races.

But Douglass is not among them. He left almost immediately after the AP called the race.

He did have his work cut out for him from the very beginning. The 5th District is very conservative, it's the largest district in the state, bigger than all over New Jersey.

The retired Brigadier General had hoped to sway voters with his strong stance against uranium mining but in the end it went back to the Republican incumbent.

John Douglass did not concede the race before leaving here.

But, he did have this message for his supporters.

"We're just grateful for all the thousands of people that have voted for us all across the district. And it's too early to go beyond that," said Douglass.

This was Douglass' first time running for elective office and maybe it won't be his last.