'Jesus Christ Superstar' Actor Teaches Lynchburg Class

Lynchburg, VA - Theatre students at Dunbar Middle had the experience of a lifetime, performing with Jesus.

Okay, not the real Jesus, but pretty close. Ted Neeley, the original Jesus in the movie "Jesus Christ Superstar," taught an acting class to eighth graders at Dunbar. But, that's not all this superstar's in town for.

Friday, he'll hold a fundraiser at Dunbar, featuring music from The Who to Hair. A part of the funds will go toward the school's performing arts program. Neeley says it's wonderful to introduce kids to art at an early age.

"Not necessarily saying that they have to get in to theatre. If they just get involved in some sort of entertainment, whether singing in the church choir or singing in the bathroom, as long as you're doing it with a group of people, it enhances your life," said Neeley.

The fundraiser is this Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Dunbar Middle. The show is in memory of the late Carl Anderson, a colleague of Neeley's and a Dunbar graduate.