Jerry Falwell Jr. Shares How he Lost 55 lbs.

Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University Chancellor, Jerry Falwell Jr. is a lot leaner these days. Over the past eight months, he's lost 55 pounds.

He attributes the weight loss to a total lifestyle change. Choosing salads over steaks and consistently hitting the gym hard have put this college administrator back at his college weight.

Falwell says it's been an amazing transition that he's now turned into his new way of life.

You've likely never seen Jerry Falwell Jr. like this before, "High knees with chest press" said his trainer to him while working out in the gym.

But working out is now a part of the LU Chancellor's weekly routine. And it's producing a big pay-off.

In eight months, Falwell has lost 55 lbs.

"I find myself doing things I used to do, and I just can't believe the difference in how much easier it is, how much more fun it is. I was just unhealthy and just terribly overweight" he said.

At his peak, he swelled to more than 230 lbs. He says he ate fast food every day, "A quarter pounder with cheese value meal" he said was his go-to. And exercise was an afterthought.

"I went to the doctor and he said my LDL-P was high. My cholesterol had always been fine, but that one number that they didn't used to measure was high" said Falwell.

So, gradually, he began to change his habits. No more fast food. Salads and fish have replaced slurpees and fries.

"The things that I used to eat repulse me now. I just can't imagine going back to eating that way" he said.

"Once he decides to do something, he does it. He's very determined" said Falwell's wife, Becki.

Falwell and his wife work out together just two times a week, "He joined us and we have a lot of fun together" she said.

But they bring it, with the help of trainer Ben Crosswhite.

"It's definitely rewarding to see. And especially the picture that I gave you, and seeing that, I forget how big he was and how much weight he did lose" said Crosswhite.

"I'm glad I figured it out before I got too old" said Falwell.

The 50-year-old has started a trend at LU. He says a lot of the administration there has followed his lead and is losing weight as well.

Falwell is hoping he'll continue his weight loss; he has a goal to be able to dunk a basketball, something he hasn't done, since high school.

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