Jennifer Agee's Family Files Civil Suit Against Sheriff Ewell Hunt

Jennifer's Family

Roanoke, VA - A little over three months after she was shot and killed outside a gas station, Jennifer Agee's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her accused killer and the Sheriff of Franklin County.

Jennifer Agee's family is seeking more than $20 million in compensation and punitive damages for her seven and 12-year-old daughters.

Her ex-husband Jonathan Agee was a Franklin County deputy when he was accused of killing her and shooting at a state trooper as he tried to flee.

The civil suit filed Wednesday sheds new light on the case. It's filled with allegations of steroid use, corruption and a murderous rampage that left the mother of two girls dead and her ex-husband charged with murder. Sheriff Ewell Hunt's now listed as a defendant, accused of trying to cover it all up.

"Had Sheriff Hunt alerted them to Jonathan Agee's murderous intentions, they would have intervened to prevent a murder--rather than arrive to investigate one," the civil suit states.

From the sixth floor of their attorney's office the mother of Jennifer Agee watched as her lawyer read a statement on behalf of her family.

"It's a civil remedy to obtain justice," Matthew Broughton said Wednesday, when the suit was filed.

The suit alleges Sheriff Hunt waited at least 24 minutes to contact the Salem authorities and never contacted Roanoke authorities that one of his deputies left home with an assault rifle, threatening to kill Jennifer.

The reason? The lawsuit claims, the sheriff wanted to avoid the embarrassment.

"While Sheriff Ewell Hunt was in Franklin County worried about his re-election bid, Jennifer Agee lay dying at the Sheetz parking lot," the court documents say.

Sheriff Hunt calls the murder a tragedy, but claims it could not have been prevented.

"I feel like I did everything I could possibly do by making the proper contacts with the information I had at the time. If I was asked to look at it and do it all over again, I may have done the same thing, I may have done something different," said Hunt.

Jennifer Agee's family continues to search for answers, but a resolution is still far from over.

"Jennifer Agee was a daughter, a mother, a friend and a sister. And everyday she is very, very, very sorely missed," said the family's attorney in a statement released by them.

Sheriff Hunt says he had not read the lawsuit and has not been formally served but doesn't blame the family for filing it. He says he's confident that the facts of the case will come out in trial.