Jefferson Street Construction Entering a New Phase

Lynchburg, VA - Jefferson Street road construction has been going on for nearly a year now, but the James River Interceptor Project in Lynchburg is almost done. Construction crews just wrapped up Phase B.

"It's been hard to run down here because a lot of times you don't know what's going on like on this street like which way you can go or if you can get around it especially if I'm riding my bike and I'm clipped in it's a little bit harder getting on and off," said Susan Dewitt.

Dewitt has been training for some time in the area for a half-marathon.

Now that Phase B of the project is complete, Jefferson Street is now open to two-way traffic from Ninth Street to Washington Street. {}Horseford Road is completely open to one-way traffic, and pedestrian walkways and bike trails are open too.{}{}{}{}

"It definitely made it hectic trying to park and get down here. I think now that it's open, it will allow a lot more people to travel down here and bring more customers to the local businesses around here," said Parker Smith, who works at Bikes Unlimited.

Bikes Unlimited rent and sell bikes to people who use area trails. Parts of the trails were sectioned off during Phase B of the construction project.

"It definitely made the bike path more confusing and disrupted the ride with all the construction going on and the loud noises. I think once that's all done it will make it a more pleasant ride and a lot more people will be down here," said Smith.

The final phase of the project will begins Monday and should take about two months to complete. During the construction, Jefferson Street will remain open to two-way traffic. Also, half of the existing public parking lot adjacent to the park will be closed.

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