Jefferson Forest Student Killed in Car Crash Laid To Rest

Forest, VA-- A 15-year-old Jefferson Forest High School freshman was laid to rest Saturday. Bronwyn Farris was killed in a car accident on Route 221 on the Lynchburg-Bedford County line Monday night.

Saturday, hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects at Jefferson Forest High School. There was not a dry eye in the school auditorium as the song "If I Die Young" played. In Bronwyn's 15 years, she had just enough time to impact so many. She is remembered by family friends as someone who "loved everybody."

Elizabeth Woolridge grew up with Bronwyn's mom, and says she will remember many things about Bronwyn.

"Her beautiful smile. She had the warmest smile and prettiest brown eyes, almost like she could look through your soul," said Woolridge.

Family and friends gathered to remember the life of a young woman they say leaves a "legacy of love" behind her.

"She did achieve what God has declared to be the greatest human achievement, the ability to love another human being," said Bronwyn's uncle, John Peniche.

Her uncle told the story of her love for her Grandfather, who she visited everyday in a nursing home until he passed away. After his death she continued to visit a 95-year-old man she met during her time there. He says her heart was pure.

"The inner beauty that will never age, it will never spoil, it will never fade away. It cannot be destroyed even by a horrible car crash," said Peniche.

Many friends, some she has known since Preschool, gave tribute to Bronwyn.

"I wish one day we could take that trip to New York together on a train like we said we would."

"Why she left us so early, I wish I knew- but I do know nothing can hurt her anymore. She is home now."

Near the end of the service, life-long friend of the Farris family, Sharon May, and others took the stage. She reminded students,"You're not invincible."

Officials say Farris was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, and that's why friends pleaded that everyone buckle up.

"Please, wear your seatbelts. When you think about when you get in that car. You think about Bronwyn, because that's what they want you to do," sad May.

Bronwyn was the Farris's only child, but they say they plan to keep their doors open to the many friends she had. They took time in the service to ask those in the audience to hug the children and family they had with them.