J.Crew Completes Expansions, Hiring Holiday Help

New 155,000 square foot expansion

Lynchburg, VA - A popular retailer in the Hill City has completed a huge expansion project. And it is allowing them to ship their trendy threads all over the world. J.Crew in Lynchburg added 155-thousand square feet to their distribution center.

When J.Crew announced their expansion they committed to creating 177 new jobs spread out across two to three years. And, they are currently on a push to hire new employees, hires which could become permanent.

With the Governor in tow J.Crew broke ground on their expansion last year. Now the grassy field behind their distribution center is a 155,000 square foot expansion. The new addition is 80 feet off the ground and where J.Crew stores and processes thousands of new J.Crew clothing orders.

"This expansion will allow us to double the size of our business that ships directly to customers home," said Tony Brown, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain for J. Crew.

All the unloading, processing, picking ,and packing of direct J-Crew purchases goes through this distribution plant in the Hill City. The expansion now makes it possible for the company to now send J.Crew style to 103 countries around the world.

The company is on a push to hire about 250 people for the holiday season. Holiday hires will pick, pack, and ship orders. And, there is room for the temporary hires to become permanent.

"The seasonal hire that come in and help us for the peak season can become and have become the people that we wind up employing on a regular basis either full time or part time," said Brown.

This is J.Crew's fourth expansion on the distribution center in Lynchburg. If you are interesting in apply the company is hosting a job fair on Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the distribution center.