Jamisha Gilbert's Friends 'Emotional' After Announcement

Lynchburg, VA - It has been a very difficult week for the family and friends of Jamisha Gilbert, wanting answers as to what happened to her.

Friends of Gilbert say they had a lot of hope that Jamisha would turn up alive until Wednesday.

When friends got news that searchers found a body in the area where Jamisha's car was abandoned, they became worried.

Gilbert dreamed of becoming a lawyer one day. She was well on her way, getting straight A's at Heritage High School, where she won the president's award.

Lynchburg police are still canvassing neighborhoods near where the body was found.

Jamisha's friends believe she met foul play.

"It's very emotional that someone would do something to her. She never bothered anybody. And it's very emotional. It's emotional," said friend Endya Johnson.

"I hope it ain't her, but if it is her, the good Lord will take care of it," friend Sierra Page said.

Police aren't saying whether Gilbert met foul play.