Jamey Singleton's Journey Part 2: The Road to Recovery

Rocky Mount, VA - In part 2 of ABC 13's special report on Jamey Singleton's journey, Jamey talks about what he's doing now to recover.

Jamey was in a car accident off Route 122 in Bedford County in February. State police say he crossed over the center lane and hit a Schwan's delivery truck head-on. The two people inside the truck were taken to the hospital and later released. Jamey suffered several broken bones in his legs, arms and face. He also had a collapsed lung.

They say when life knocks you down, you can either get up, or stay down. For Jamey, the latter isn't an option.

"I've had other challenges in my life where the only choice is to move forward. I mean you can't just sit there and dwell on it and think about it," said Jamey in his house in Rocky Mount.

Jamey's trying to forget about the car accident, no longer re-living the moments from that February morning. The crash left him in critical condition in the ICU for more than a week.

Now, he's focusing on healing.

"I've had therapy for a month, month and a half, and {}I look forward to it every day actually."

Surgeons worked on several broken bones in his legs, completely reconstructing his left knee. After weeks of being bed-ridden, Jamey got the "OK" to start using a wheelchair.

And more recently, he got a walker.

"It's the small things you don't even think about. But I've been very excited."

Jamey can only put weight on his right leg. Twice a week at home, he has sessions with therapists from Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital.

"I take it very seriously and I love my therapists."

That includes Donna Moulin, a physical therapist assistant. She's there to make sure Jamey stays on track.

"The focus has been motion in the joints--the ankle and the knee. And just general, overall strengthening," said Moulin while checking Jamey's scars on his legs.

Moulin leads him through a long list of exercises, including several stretches. The most important move is trying to bend Jamey's left knee as much as possible. Jamey says it's hard, but worth it.

"I know the more pain I'm going through and the harder I'm working, the closer I'm getting to getting healed."

And it shows --It's a lot easier for him to get around now.

"I can put away dishes in cabinets. I can wipe out the yea, now I can clean the house and wash dishes unfortunately. So there's no excuse anymore for that. Vacation is over I guess," he said, laughing. But it makes you feel good that you're doing something for yourself."

Jamey says he's now more motivated than ever.

"I see this as a journey. It's something that I think God maybe had happened to open my eyes and he kept me alive for a reason."

But above all, he's grateful.

"I cannot get over how blessed I am to live in this area. We have the best viewers in the world. They really came to the plate in sending in cards, and I've read every card. It just humbles me so much that these people care enough to take time out of their day to wish me well. I'm just a normal guy who had a wreck," he said with a smile.

Jamey tries to do all those exercises every day, and he says he's seeing that right leg get a lot stronger.

He's scheduled to see his surgeon in May. Once the doctor says he can put weight on his left leg, Jamey can start doing outpatient therapy at Carilion Franklin Memorial.