James River Rundown Begins Friday, Ends Saturday in Richmond

Buckingham Co., VA - The James River Rundown is certainly no leisurely paddle down the scenic waterway.It is in fact a 100-mile race that runs for 40 hours long. The race starts Friday in Buckingham County and ends in Richmond on Saturday.The race is exclusive to paddling and how that is accomplished is{}up to the racer's{}discretion whether it be to canoe, kayak, or paddle board.{}The winner will have to paddle through the night to beat the competition although several checkpoints throughout the race are available{}for{}those who aren't comfortable with paddling overnight.

As if the length of this race were not enough, the James{}River is unforgiving with its winding trails, shallow areas, and many rocks{}and natural hang ups to challenge participants.{}Thankfully all this toil if for a good cause as{}the proceeds benefit the James River Association.

An after-event party will take place Saturday at 4 p.m. at the American Legion and is open for all family and friends.

An award ceremony will follow at 6 p.m.