I.W. Taylor Elementary School Closes Doors for Good

Danville,VA-- Friday not only marked the end of the school year for some children in Danville, but also the end of their school.

I.W. Taylor Elementary School officially closed its doors for good on Friday. Teachers and faculty spent most of their day cleaning out their classrooms. They say it was quite an emotional day for the students and themselves. However, the good news is they will still see most of the kids next year, just at a different school.

"This is just a building," said Vicky Aherron, Special Education teacher at I.W. Taylor Elementary School." Sometimes you know we think we put the kids with the building and it's the same thing. But actually what makes Taylor, Taylor, is just going to Gibson and we're still going to be a family, and we're still going to be educating children and nurturing them."

Woodrow Wilson and Glenwood Elementary Schools also closed for good today.