Is an Appomattox Man Dating Britney Spears?

Appomattox, VA - Appomattox made national headlines Friday - not for its role in the Civil War - but because a man from the town may be dating Britney Spears.

The tabloids are calling David Lucado a regular guy, but to those who know him say he's anything but ordinary.

"He's a great guy, he's crazy," said Adam Lucado, a cousin.

"He's just full of charm and charisma," said Knox Higley with Ivy Hill Golf Course.

Adam Lucado is David's cousin. They grew up together.

"He's hilarious he gets it from his dad he's wide open."

TMZ recently posted a picture of David and Britney Spears at a golf course together.

"Oh yeah, he was probably putting the moves on her at the same time," said Higley.

A sport David knows well.

"He was probably trying to impress her with his skills because he's pretty good."

Higley went to school with David, but most of the time they hung out at Ivy Hill Golf Course in Forest.

"It really does not surprise me, knowing David like I do," said Higley. "He's very outgoing, not scared to do anything, including apparently dating Britney Spears."

Getting all of this media attention can be kind of scary, but Knox says if anyone can handle it, David can.

"I couldn't think of a better guy for her. He really is a good guy," said Higley.

David also seems to have deactivated his Facebook, understandably so. Even if David and Britney are just friends, many are crossing their fingers that one day he'll bring her to his hometown.

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