iPads & iPods in the Classroom

Reporter: Lauren Compton l Videographer: Steven Smith

Bedford Co.,VA- Some students in Bedford County got to ditch the notepads and handouts on Thursday and instead they got to learn with iPads and iPods. It's part of Bedford County's technology program.

"We have iPads and iPods Nanos. We have MacBooks, we have flip cams. We have variety," said Lisa Elliott, instructional technologist resource teacher for Bedford County Schools.

In biology class at Jefferson Forest High School, students are learning about cells with the help of iPod Touches, and iPads. It's one of the many ways the school system is using technology to engage students in the classroom.

"It gets them a little more focused than doing a worksheet or answering questions from a book," said Purvi Parikh, a Biology teacher at Jefferson Forest High School.

The students use the iPads and iPods to answer questions about cells. The iPad connects students to a colored diagram of cells. It's a mix of interactive and digital learning.

"It helps expand our learning by doing something different. And, it's not boring," said Lacie Robinson, a student at Jefferson Forest High School.

School officials say teaching kids how to use this technology early will help them when they enter the job market.

"In Bedford County we're really trying to push with all teachers to help our kids become 21st Century workers with technology. Hopefully we are leading the way," said Elliot.

The students do not get to use the iPads and iPods every day. Bedford County Schools has a set of equipment for elementary, middle, and high schools. They rotate the equipment to different schools. They're also teaching other school systems how to incorporate iPads and iPods in their classrooms.