Investigators Searching Piece of Land Connected to Alexis Murphy Disappearance

Nelson Co., VA - Officials in Nelson County are searching a piece of land in connection with the disappearance investigation of Alexis Murphy. The search started around 9 a.m. Thursday and could last into the evening.

They're at the same property investigators visited last week where they found tire tracks. Monday, officials took a casting of that track to compare to the tires on Taylor's truck. The land owner says that officials confirmed the track on his property did NOT match that of suspect Randy Taylor's truck.

But that doesn't mean the investigation here is over.

Investigators do not want us to release the exact location of the property and we are not revealing the property owner's name, but after seeing our coverage of Alexis Murphy's disappearance, the owner decided to take a look at his property just to see if there was anything out of place.

Still, a search team of about a dozen people took four four-wheelers and four police dogs onto that land Thursday.

Investigators would not say if they intended to search all of the 500 acre property, and they would not let us past their base camp at the property line. They also would not say what exactly they are looking for.

Officials are combing through multiple areas in the search for Alexis.