Investigators Respond To Randy Taylor's Attorney

Nelson Co., VA - Investigators in the Alexis Murphy disappearance are responding to claims, by Randy Taylor's Attorney, that investigators don't have enough evidence to warrant an abduction charge.

Last week Taylor's Attorney, Mike Hallahan, said Taylor was arrested when law enforcement told him they found a single hair belonging to Murphy inside Taylor's camper.

"I don't understand how they can get an abduction charge out of a hair," said Hallahan.

Without going into further detail, investigators tell ABC 13 news they do in fact have more evidence than just that piece of hair.

Other small details are also emerging. Investigators released last week that they have discovered several cell phones during their search. They are now saying the cell phones were discovered in multiple locations. Some of them have been sent to Quantico for testing.

Despite the Command Post at the Lovingston Fire Department being closed, the Nelson County Sheriff's Office says the FBI, State Police, and the Sheriff's Office are all still actively searching for Murphy.