Investigators Not Releasing Details on Search; Family of Alexis Murphy Speaks Out

Nelson Co., VA - The FBI, State Police and the Nelson County Sheriff's department were all staying very tight lipped Wednesday on the search for Alexis Murphy.

After finding her car in Charlottesville, they are now searching for clues inside to lead them to Alexis.

Meanwhile, her family is doing all they can to stay patient waiting for any news.

A tipster alerted police Tuesday night at 9 p.m. to Alexis Murphy's car spotted at a Carmike Cinemas just outside of Charlottesville.

Alexis's family had mixed reactions. They were happy the car was found, but upset with how they found out.

"We found out the car had been found through social media outlets, Facebook, people calling us saying they had seen it on Facebook and that the car had been found," said Angela Taylor, Alexis' Aunt.

Once the family learned the rumors were true, they hoped the development was the break they had been waiting for.

"Once we got word from the appropriate authorities that the car had been found, it was a small sigh of relief like we have the car now let's just find her," Taylor said.

Family says when they last saw Alexis at her home in Shipman, she said she was headed south to Lynchburg.

"She doesn't know Charlottesville that well so I don't think that. When she first got her job at Kid to Kid her mom and dad had to drive her down there several times before she even felt comfortable to even drive by herself," Taylor said.

Authorities say they are looking into every possible scenario, but Alexis' family says four days without hearing from Alexis is something she would never do.

"She may argue with anybody but she would never go somewhere without telling us she was going there regardless of how mad she would have been because she is one who is scared of her own shadow," Taylor said.

There will be a candlelight and prayer vigil Thursday, August 8 at 7:30 p.m. on the football field at Nelson County High School.