Investigators in Alexis Murphy Case Announce New Person Of Interest

Nelson Co. VA - Investigators working the disappearance of Alexis Murphy say they have a new person of interest in their search, ABC 13 has learned.

Mike Hallahan, Randy Taylor's attorney had claimed that his client was not the last person with Alexis the night she went missing.

Hallahan stated that the unidentified man left Taylor's house before sundown, and Taylor never saw them again. Hallahan described this man as a black male, in his mid to late 20s with cornrows.

Now, investigators are describing this other individual as a person of interest in the Murphy case. They tell ABC 13 that they have made contact with him.

Investigators add that it took a while to locate the person of interest once Taylor's lawyer made the allegations that another person may have been involved in Alexis' disappearance.

Randy Taylor is still the prime suspect in the investigation.

More property searches are planned, investigators say.

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