Investigators Focusing on Route 29 Corridor in Search for Alexis Murphy

Nelson Co., VA - Investigators are releasing a little bit of new information in the search for missing Nelson County teenager Alexis Murphy.

The search for the 17-year-old is now in its fourth full day, and Thursday, investigators say they are focusing their search on the Route 29 corridor.

Here's what we learned overnight in the Alexis Murphy case:

1. Investigators are pulling every surveillance camera along the Rt. 29 corridor trying to find anything that may tell them where Alexis Murphy was and when she was there.

2. Her cell phone still is not active.

3. Investigators have narrowed down a specific time frame for when her car was left at the Carmike Cinemas, however they are not releasing that time to the media.

4. If the search continues much longer officials say they will likely begin to expand their search outside the state.

5. They have already received tips from other states, but none of those have panned out to be anything.

6. For now, investigators are still acting under the assumption that Alexis is in Virginia.

7. Investigators acknowledge they are not releasing a lot of information to the public, but they are asking everyone bare with them and they say they are making progress and the case is moving in leaps in bounds everyday.

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