Investigators Explain Lynchburg Manhunt, Still Looking for Suspects

Lynchburg, VA - Officials now have a much better idea of the events leading up to that search Wednesday afternoon that spanned Bedford and Campbell Counties and the City of Lynchburg.

It all started the day before when two men walked into Fink's Jewelers in Forest. The employees thought those men were up to something, so they called police when the men left the store.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office put the store under surveillance for a couple days. And like clockwork, those men came back to the jewelry store the very next day.

Investigators say they brought a woman with them: Lachelle Slaughter. She's charged with cashing a bogus check right next door at Bank of the James.

"As she exited the building and was walking across the bank parking lot, the Altima the suspect vehicle, for whatever reason unknown to us at this time decided to leave without her at a high rate of speed," said Maj. Ricky Gardner with the Bedford Sherrif's Office.

They left the woman behind.

"We had several teams and several Lynchburg officers stationed at several different intersections yesterday," said Gardner.

Those officers drove after the suspect's car, becoming separated by traffic on Enterprise Drive.

"We wasn't expecting that level of traffic at that particular time and really we were really hoping to stop the individuals before they got that far away."

They got far away in a neighborhood street in the Wyndhurst area. The suspect's car sat with the passenger door and trunk flung open. Now the garage door closes on that car as it sits in evidence, potentially the crown jewel in this investigation.

There are warrants out for one of those men, Antonio Waring from Raleigh, North Carolina. They are working to identify the second man.

That Altima is a rental car, rented in North Carolina by a fourth person. Investigators know who that woman is, but don't know at this point if she'll face any sort of charges.