Investigators Expand Search for Jamisha Gilbert

Lynchburg, VA - Crews are still searching in Lynchburg for anything that could lead them to Jamisha Gilbert, 18, last seen early Friday morning.

Gilbert's car was found wrecked Friday morning against a guardrail along the Concord Turnpike.

We are not being told if any kind of evidence has been found in or around her car.

Tuesday, police expanded their search of the Concord Turnpike area, now spanning between Winston Ridge Road and Route 460.

Lieutenant Dave Gearhart with Lynchburg Police says they had about 70 people involved in their search Tuesday.

Gearhart also says they're planning to continue their search until they find something that could lead them to Gilbert.

"Essentially what we did is just bring in additional people to help us search a larger area," Lt. Gearhart said.

Officials are expanding their search for Gilbert, who police say went missing under suspicious circumstances early Friday morning.

Friends last saw Gilbert driving her 2002 Honda Accord between midnight and 1 a.m., about a mile from where the car was found on the Concord Turnpike.

"This area is the area where we had information on where she was last," Lt. Gearhart said.

Gearhart says police have information that Gilbert was seen walking near the site of the crash early Friday morning, but cannot say if it was before or after the crash.

Police also cannot say whether Gilbert was driving the car when it wrecked, or if she was involved in the accident at all.

"We believe she was driving the vehicle. We do not know for sure if she was in the vehicle when it crashed," Lt. Gearhart added.

According to Gearhart, dispatch got a call about Gilbert's abandoned car Friday morning. When officers arrived they found no sign of a driver, no sign of anyone who was involved in the crash.

Police say they can only hope their search leads them to a break in the case, which so far, has no suspects or persons of interest.

"We are as part of the investigation, we're questioning a lot of people. I don't think we're going to comment on who we've talked to at this point," Gearhart said.

Gearhart also says officers were not able to determine who the car belonged to when they found it Friday.

It wasn't until Gilbert was reported missing by her mother on Sunday, when police were able to piece the two cases together.

The phone number to call with any tips on Jamisha Gilbert is 434-455-4090.