Investigators: Drugs May be Behind Brookneal Store Robbery

Brookneal, VA - Drugs may have been the reason behind a convenience store robbery in Brookneal.

On Friday night, just before closing, the Campbell County Sheriff's Office in connection with the Brookneal Police Department say a man smashed through the Jiffy Food Store's glass door with a baseball bat.

Johnny Thompson, 35, of Prospect and Adam King, 30, of Nathalie were taken into custody last night in Halifax County. Both men are charged with Robbery.

King is also charged with destruction of property and wearing a mask while committing a crime.

According to officials, Thompson was a passenger in King's vehicle and was the "look out" for this crime.

Investigators say King broke through the glass and walked out with the money.

Officials say more than $2,900 was stolen, but they were only able to recover $180. They believe the money has been spent.

King's car was found parked outside a home on Acorn Road in Halifax County in a neighborhood officials say is known for selling drugs.

"They were inside the residence when one of the Halifax County Deputies approached the car and I think they had seen the Deputies and went out the back door, down through the woods," said Captain Billy Crowe.

Officials seized a number of things, including a small plastic bag with "a green plant substance inside."