Investigators: Attempted Abduction Linked to Other Incidents

Hollins, VA - Roanoke County investigators continue their search for the two men they believe tried to entice the boy into their SUV Monday night in the Hollins area.

And now investigators say they believe this incident is connected to two others that happened last month.

Investigators say those two incidents occurred near the neighborhood where Monday's incident occurred - one where a young child was approached and another where a teenager reported a suspicious vehicle.

Investigators believe the RAV-4 they are looking for is a late 90s model with possibly tinted windows and a trailer hitch.

The boy that was allegedly approached Monday could not positively ID the vehicle that approached him as a RAV-4 but investigators are comfortable, using other tips, that they are on the right trail.

"Several people on the street observed this vehicle the last couple of days and you don't think anything of it until you read later - hear later - that there was this attempted abduction or whatever it was," said neighborhood resident Tom Edwards.

Investigators are so concerned with these incidents that they sent home fliers with the vehicle description with students asking parents to report anything suspicious immediately.