Investigation Into Student Outburst on Hampden-Sydney Campus

Hampden-Sydney, VA - The Hampden-Sydney Dean of Students is speaking out about an embarrassing incident on campus Tuesday night.

School officials say a group of students shouted racial slurs,and got unruly outside the Minority Student Union in response to President Obama's re-election.

The night after the incident, the school held a town meeting. The dean says more than 300 students, faculty and staff attended to share their concerns about it. He says healing has begun, but there's still a long way to go.

"I was pretty embarrassed and definitely shocked. I didn't expect this out of the students at Hampden Sydney," said Michael Towne, a senior.

Towne didn't see what happened Tuesday night but heard about it the next morning.

I feel very bad for the people that were being taunted because obviously they didn't deserve that," he said.

What happened is being called "racial unrest." On election night, within an hour of President Obama's re-election, a crowd gathered in front of a house. Reports say a group of about 40 students shouted racial slurs, made threats of physical violence, lit fireworks and threw bottles.

Members of MSU called campus police.

Along the gutter in front of the house are still shards of glass but officials say to keep in mind that this is a college campus and there's no way of telling if the glass was from that night.

"There is no tolerance for harassment or discrimination and there is a well defined process for how to handle them," said Dr. David Klein, the dean of students.

Klein says the incident has shaken the Tiger family. He says there is a place for difference of opinion but no place for disrespect.

"Strong reaction to the presidential election is not surprising no matter who the candidates are, but it is disappointing that it was expressed in this way," he said.

Klein says these are actions of few and does not represent the campus as a whole.

Towne agrees.

"From what I've seen in my four years here, I haven't seen anything like this I don't think this is at all an accurate representation of the student body," said Towne.

The incident is under investigation. No one was hurt during the outburst.