Lynchburg Police Say An Arrest Will be Made in Last Week's Murder

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg police say they feel confident they are going to make an arrest in the murder of 86-year-old Lynda Slocum.
Police say Thursday, Slocum was murdered inside her home on Ravenwood Drive in Lynchburg.
They say there was evidence of forced entry, but police have not said if they have any suspects.
They have patrols in that area and say other details have not been released because they don't want to compromise the investigation.
Friends of Slocum say she will be buried at 11 a-m on January 3rd at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg.

If you have questions, please contact the Police Information Desk at 455-6041 (you can reach an officer by dialing "0") at any time of the day or the Crime Prevention Unit at 455-6070 during regular business hours. Their Facebook page and Twitter page will have information as it comes available.

Lynchburg police say they will make every effort to share information through our Neighborhood Watch contact person.