International Uranium Advocate Meets Pittsylvania County Supervisors

Pittsylvania Co., VA - An international advocate of uranium mining made a stop on the Southside this week.

Kevin Scissons served as director of Uranium Mines and Mills for Canada's Nuclear Safety Commission, and he serves as an atomic energy advisor to the UN.
Scissons spoke to the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors on his work in uranium and his own experience with how mining can be done safely.
His visit was promoted by Virginia Uranium, the local group that has been trying to mine a uranium deposit at Coles Hill in Chatham.
Scissons said he believes advances in mining have cut down on the impact it would have on the community.
"They will absolutely not be impacted by these facilities, because everything is controlled on site. That's what modern uranium mining and milling practices are today, and that's what we've evolved to, " Scissons said.
The Pittsylvania County Supervisors have been very vocal in their opposition to mining.
Following the meeting, Chairman Marshall Ecker said he felt Scissons' answers about potential safety risks of mining in this area were "too vague."