G.W.-P.H. Game Ends in Controversy

ROANOKE - The G.W.-Danville at Patrick Henry game came down to the final second - literally.

With 0.7 seconds remaining in regulation with the game tied at 80, G.W.'s Ahmad Thomas inbounded to Keenma Jones and Jones attempted a three-pointer. He released the ball prior to the buzzer sounding and the ball fell through the hoop. G.W. fans stormed the court in celebration of what appeared to be an 83-80 win.

However the referees called off the basket, saying it was not released in time.

During ABC 13's Full Court Press show we said, "It goes in but the refs wrongly call it off - saying he didn't get it off in time so we go to overtime."

Based on the buzzer sound, what we said was correct. However, upon further review, a veteran referee told ABC 13 Sports that referees can overrule the clock operator "if they have definite knowledge that the clock didn't start in time."

Specifically Rule 5. Section 10. Article 2 states, "If the referee determines that the clock malfunctioned or was not started or stopped properly, or if the clock did not run, an official count or other official in formation may be used to make a correction."

ABC 13 Sports re-watched the video in ultra-slow motion and Jones' shot took 0.78 seconds. Therefore the referee had an extremely keen eye and ultimately made the right call, wiping away the shot, and therefore sending the game into overtime.

Patrick Henry ended up winning 87-85, scoring the final seven points of the game.

It was G.W.'s (12-1) first loss of the season.