Inspire Movement Fund in Lynchburg Gets Moving

Lynchburg, VA - Some Heritage High School students joined forces with Riverside Runners in Lynchburg Thursday morning to raise money for the store's Inspire Movement Scholarship Fund.

Students set up limeade stands along Rivermont Avenue. Along with each cup of limeade they sold, they handed out Riverside Runners' Inspire Movement shoelaces.

Each year, the scholarship fund goes to one inspiring high school student from Region 2000.

The Inspire Movement laces are for sale at Riverside Runners, located at 2480 Rivermont Avenue for $5.

Riverside Runner leaders sent the following in a press release:

The Riverside Runners Inspire Movement Scholarship Fund will be awarded during the Superintendent Scholarship Ceremony May 19, 2013, at 6 p.m. at Lynchburg College to honor a graduating, high school senior that best demonstrates the Inspire Movement philosophy.

Riverside Runners have challenged themselves to invest in products that excite people about movement, community and healthy living. After 12 years of service, Riverside Runners continues to find unique ways to give back to the community. Riverside Runners has served as the premier source for running and walk shoes, providing quality exercise apparel, accessories, and expert advice on training and fitness. Riverside Runners also offers advice and support to more than 30 non-profit organizations through the running events and races that take place in the greater Lynchburg community