Inside the McDonnell Indictments

Washington, D.C. - In 43 pages, federal prosecutors lay out a relationship between the McDonnell's and Jonnie Williams that started when Bob McDonnell began using Williams' jet on the campaign trail in 2009, though the two men had never met.

After McDonnell's election, prosecutors say soon-to-be First Lady Maureen McDonnell wanted Williams to buy her a designer dress for her husband's inauguration.

One of her husband's senior staff members told her that was a bad idea and the indictment says Mrs. McDonnell told Williams she'd take a "rain check".

From then on prosecutors say Maureen repeatedly hit up Williams for money and gifts that the First Lady went on a designer shopping spree in New York City, with Williams footing the nearly $20,000 bill in exchange for her arranging that he sat next to the governor at an event.

The indictment says on two separate occasions, in 2011 and 2012, Maureen McDonnell instructed her stock broker to get her shares of Star Scientific out of her name by the end of the year, to avoid having to report them.

The indictment says Williams wanted university researchers to conduct studies of a Star Scientific product because his for-profit company can't get Tobbaco Commission grant money, but universities can.

The indictment includes an email from Maureen to a member of the governor's staff that says:

"Gov wants to know why nothing has developed with studies after JW gave $200,000... Gov wants to get this going w VCU MCV."

After being interviewed by investigators last year, the indictment claims Mrs. McDonnell returned some of the fancy clothing to Williams with a note that read... "I'm sure there are many exemplary charitable organizations like we talked about who would welcome the opportunity to auction them."

You can read the entire indictment here.

Bob McDonnell has denied any wrongdoing.