Inmate Free from Jail, Not Cancer

Madison Heights, VA - A former Blue Ridge Regional Jail inmate was released last week, so he could die surrounded by family.

Bill Farmer was serving a three-year active prison sentence for several DUIs and driving as a habitual offender.

This month, doctors diagnosed him with terminal liver cancer and gave him less than three months to live.

Just last Tuesday, Jan Farmer had only 45 minutes to visit her husband at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail. Now, every night, she falls asleep holding his hand.

If every moment is precious, Bill Farmer considers his Madison Heights home a treasure trove.

When ABC 13 asked him what it's like to be home, he managed to say, 'Wonderful,' between deep breaths.

His rap sheet though, is proof he isn't perfect.

Eight DUIs and years of alcohol abuse have taken their toll.

Farmer says he feels 'weak,' since being released from jail.

Beth Boyd, his stepdaughter, refused to stop fighting, determined to bring her stepfather home.

"My mom has been through hell and back in her life. And if this was the only thing that I could give her in life, then that's what I wanted to do. She deserves to be with her husband," Boyd said, sitting on the couch of her mother's living room.

Bill Farmer will spend the next few weeks studying the bible in quiet, peaceful reflection and preparing for the final trip back home.

"What's the best part about being home?" ABC 13 asked him.

"Being back with my family," Farmer answered.