Inmate Finds Piece of Danville's History

Danville, VA - The Danville Historical Society received a piece of history all thanks to a local inmate.

President Sarah Latham says they got a call from Danville's Public Works last week about a possible donation. While working on the city's recycling, an inmate found an old book. He gave it to his supervisors who determined it was a store's ledger from 1871, that someone must have not wanted and put in recycling.
Latham says she does not know what store it came from but it tells a lot about what people purchased at that time.
"I was absolutely delighted and so thankful that this inmate had the presence of mind to take it out and say this may be of value," said Latham.
Latham says if you ever are not sure about what to do about something that could have historical value always donate it to a museum or historical group and don't just throw it away.