Increase In Demand Likely For Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Danville, VA -- Electric rates have started going up in Danville. And many people may soon be struggling to pay those higher costs. That means, more people will likely start looking for assistance with their electric bills.

You may have seen it on your electric bill, an option to give money to those struggling to pay their bill. Well now, those in charge of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, say the need for help may soon be going up.

Director of Social Services John Moody tells us Neighbors Helping Neighbors is funded on donations from the public, churches, and grants. Last year they served about 300 families in the city, with a little more than $40,000. But Moody expects the number in need to be higher by the end of this year. He says more people will likely not be able to afford the increased costs.

Applicants on Neighbors Helping Neighbors receive eligibility based on income, children, and disabilities. But there's not enough money to help everyone who qualifies and Moody says now even more people may be left struggling.

"You want to make certain that people maintain a household that are comfortable in a home, especially those who have children or have health needs. No one feels good when you have to turn down someone who if those individuals are in need," said Moody.

Moody also tells us he expects donations to increase as people find out about the demand increasing.

The bill increases will go up in increments, in all, averaging about $8 more a month for a family.