Increase in City Inspections Mean an Economy Surge in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - One sign of economic growth is busy building inspectors, and Lynchburg city officials say they've seen a significant increase, meaning there have been more projects in development.

That's great news for the local economy.

More than 13,000 inspections were completed in the last year, and according to community development officials, that number is high.

They say the newer projects are mostly commercial spaces and townhomes, but they say a lot of it can be linked to Liberty University and all of the construction on-campus right now.

Tom Gerdy, the president of Gerdy Construction, says his business has definitely seen a boost and he sees signs that the trend is only going to continue.

"There's so much going on in the area right now that I am....let's say I'm guardedly optimistic....and I think Lynchburg has a very, very bright future and we're seeing it start right now, " said Gerdy.

Gerdy says both local companies and outside industry have contributed to the increase in construction projects.

Not only does this mean more money for the local economy, but it also means a potential increase in jobs too.