In One Night, Charlotte Co. Hit with Eight Break-Ins

Keysville, VA - A string of break-ins in Charlotte County has store owners on edge. The sheriff's office says eight businesses in Keysville were broken into - all in one night.

The sheriff's office says the eight businesses lost around $2,000-$3,000. But the interesting part is how they took it.

For nearly two years, the register at Lazy Daisy buzzed along beautifully. Then on the morning of November 19, it didn't.

"She says, 'No, you don't understand. The entire register is gone,'" said Shelly Wike, owner, Lazy Daisy.

"This whole section right here was empty, the cash register was gone," said one employee. "There was nothing. It was blank. All this section here."

Wike immediately started making calls in search of her register.

"I said, 'I want to ask you a stupid question, have you seen my register? He says, 'No, mine is gone too!'" said Wike.

According to police, three registers were taken that night - one from Daisy's, one from the antique shop next door, and one at the ice cream shop.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office found the registers just around the corner, under some bushes, behind a dentist's office.

"They just looked out the back window and noticed something under the tree," said Capt. Howard Hobgood, Charlotte County Sheriff's Office.

Captain Howard Hobgood is warning everyone to be cautious - it's the season.

"This time of year, it's always good to be on guard. And we stress to everyone, if at all possible, don't leave any cash on the premises," said Hobgood.

After a little tweaking, Wike's register is up and running again. On the surface the thieves outsmarted Wike, but she's got one question for them.

"My thought was, wonder why they didn't just open it because the key was in it," said Wike.

If you have any information about these crimes you're asked to contact the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office at (434) 542-5141. You could receive a reward up to $2,500 for a successful lead.