In Final Few Days, McDonnell Reflects On Time In Office

Lynchburg, VA - Governor McDonnell is now into his final days in office. We're taking a look back at the term of Virginia's 71st Governor.

In Lynchburg we had time to ask the Governor what it is he's most proud of from his years in office, also asking about the controversy still swirling around him.

Still under investigation; the 71st Governor of Virginia tied to controversy, swirling around gifts received from Star Scientific CEO, Johnnie Williams.

"I'll let other people decide about these other things" said McDonnell.

The Governor didn't shy away from questions about the investigation, but would much rather talk about the positives.

"Look, I'm not perfect, I've made mistakes in my life like most human beings and I'd do some things differently, but overall, in terms of governing Virginia, I've worked tirelessly for the citizens, I've enjoyed it immensely, it's been a great privilege, and I'm delighted we got some big things done" he said.

Elected in 2009, the 71st governor of the Commonwealth would assume the office in January 2010.

In four years, his resume consists of, a focus on transportation, including a massive 2013, $3 billion state-wide improvement plan; also, the economy, including years of Virginia ranking as one of the best states to do business.

"A lot of things that people talk about around the kitchen table with their kids, we've addressed in a fundamental way. Republicans and Democrats, have found a way to put aside differences, fought for their principals, but focused on solutions and not rhetoric, and that's been the hallmark of the last four years, and I'm pleased with that" he said.

Also his latest, just completing a budget that aims to get the state's rainy day fund up to a record, $1 billion.

"On what's next for me, will be a little rest, and a little retirement" he said.

McDonnell has spent his last 22 years in some form of state office. He said he's ready for a break, but didn't rule out a future run.

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