Ice Could Have Been Much Worse in Rockbridge Co.

Many side roads were slushy.

Rockbridge Co., VA - Rockbridge County was directly in the path of the icy storm Sunday.

Even though there was significant ice accumulation, the area managed to escape any real trouble.

For early risers Monday morning, the advice was to stay home and delay the morning commute.

By 9 a.m., things started to quickly change as the near-freezing temperatures rose above 32 degrees, spelling the beginning of the end of the season's first winter storm.

While power outages weren't a problem in the area, some people were forced to deal with the issue of downed trees.

For Becky Ayers, the ice had her worried much of the night. Her concerns were made worse when she found a mess of tree damage in her front yard.

"I heard some popping and cracking around here with all these pine trees I knew something was going to happen," Ayers said.

Fortunately, the power stayed on for Ayers and her neighbors. The lack of outages allowed for out-of-state crews staged in the area to move onto more pressing needs.

"Should the power have gone out, they would have been deployed to where the areas were affected, but I think most of them have just packed up and gone home at this point," said Public Safety Director Robert Foresman.

As a precaution, public schools in the area stayed closed for the day with concerns back roads may be too slick.

Even that concern barely had an impact, though. Crews working through the night did their job well and roads remained open with minimal issues, helping to avert a potential ice storm nightmare.

"Thank God we didn't get what they called on," Ayers said.