I Will Not Be a Scrooge by Shelley Basinger

It didn't take much for me to get in the holiday spirit when I was younger. As a child, I wore Santa socks year round and begged my mom to keep our tree up until the middle of January.{} Even into my teen years, Mariah Carey's Christmas CD was always one of the selections in my car, and I couldn't wait to walk around the Southern Christmas Show with my mom.

Over the past few years though, it's been tough for me to channel that festive Christmas energy.{} Maybe it's the fact that I've been away from my hometown for 10 years now. Or that my family has changed a lot from when I was child. Or possibly, the fact that I'm constantly reading news stories about shoppers using pepper spray to grab up an X-Box and our country's overwhelming obsession with raking in enough money these next few weeks.

But this year, I'm determined to find the "child" inside of me when it comes to Christmas. No, I'm not aiming to be like Buddy from "Elf."{} More like, let's say, Ralphie's mom from "A Christmas Story."{}

A few weeks ago, I spent hours at my dad's house searching for my box of ornaments I misplaced years ago. I bought a wreath and put it on my door. {}Christmassy smelling candles are on my countertops. I've taken to baking small loaves of Amish Friendship Bread.{} (It smells like Christmas to me.) Mariah Carey and her Christmas tunes are back on my current iPod playlist. I even led my group of girlfriends in setting up a Christmas-themed get-together.

Sure, I wish it came naturally. And I'm sure it will again one day probably when I have kids of my own and maybe don't have to work overtime during the holidays.

So if you see me out and about this holiday season, look down. There's a chance you might catch a glimpse of some Frosty the Snowman socks.