I Can't Wait for Summer! by Len Stevens

This extra warm, extra early Spring has me so excited about the Summer! I LOVE Summers in Virginia-- backyard cookouts, Hillcats games, Smith Mountain Lake, live music, hiking, biking, swimming, floating down the James River, winery tours, you name it.{} There's so much to do!

And the stuff that's not here really isn't that far away. We're planning a whitewater rafting trip in West Virginia. We're spending a week in Washington D.C. real soon.{} And we'll definitely be checking out the cherry blossoms!

As for our area, look for me chasing my wife's band Dragonfly around. They really kick it into high gear in the summer.{} They'll have a lot of gigs around Smith Mountain Lake.{} And when they're rocking out on a deck somewhere, cool breeze blowing off the water, it's fantastic!

That's where Melissa and I met, actually, SML. {}I plan to spend as much time there as possible this summer and every one after. Nothing really beats a long day on the water, boating, water-skiing, or just relaxing and taking in the beauty of it all.{} If you happen to see us out there, say hello!

I wish you a wonderful, safe and relaxing summer.