Hurt Talks Gas Prices With Pittsylvania Co. Farmers

Pittsylvania Co., VA - As gas prices continue to rise, Virginia lawmakers are beginning to fear costs at the pump will hurt more than just your wallet but job creation in the Commonwealth.

Congressman Robert Hurt spoke with farmers in Pittsylvania County Wednesday, a group hit especially hard by rising prices.

Farmers are hurting a lot because while the cost of fuel goes up, the prices they're getting for their commodities has remained the same.

Hurt says the answer is to explore and drill off the coast of Virginia, as well as to look into alternative energy resources.

"We need to continue to investigate and explore and develop alternative fuels, renewable fuels, and I think that we are doing that but at the same time we need to take advantage of the resources that the Lord has blessed us with," Hurt said.

Hurt says stable gas prices need to be a top economic priority.