Hundreds Unite in Danville for Trayvon Martin Rally

Danville, VA-- Thousands of people from all over the nation gathered together this weekend in honor of Trayvon Martin.

Over 100 cities nationwide organized what they call "Justice For Trayvon" rallies, after the not-guilty verdict of the George Zimmerman murder trial.

Rallies took place in Lynchburg and Roanoke on Saturday, and on Sunday evening, Danville held their rally. Hundreds marched from Doyle Thomas Park to the Danville Court House. The organizer of the rally has a special connection the cause.

"What do we want? Justice!," the crowd yelled. "When do we want it? Now!"

With each step from Doyle Thomas Park to the Danville Courthouse, Southside residents said they were honoring the late Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman's plea of self defense lead to a not guilty verdict in Trayvon's death, which sparked outrage across the nation.

"We all have come out here today in remembrance of a young man who lost his life for no good reason," a rally speaker said.

"I'm against gun violence, I'm against all kinds of violence against children," said Dale Jordan, a rally attendee.

"Anytime I hear about a shooting or someone loosing a child, it always takes me back to my son, you know, it always does,"said Jeaniqua Jackson, rally organizer.

Jackson also lost her son in a shooting.

"He was shot directly in the heart, same as Trayvon Martin," said Jackson. "So there's some similarities with him, you know. Trayvon has a tattoo of praying hands and my son has the same tattoo."

Hundreds marched in honor of Trayvon Martin but also marched in honor of people in Danville who lost their lives through gun violence. They wore signs to represent them.

"It's very important that we think about others that have lost loved ones, we don't want that to continue to happen," said Karen White, a rally attendee.

Overall the main message was peace, unity and change.

"Your family is my family," the crowd chanted.

"Peace, let it prevail," said Dawn Whitter, a rally attendee.

Several community leaders spoke at the rally. There was also a special reading of the names of Danville residents who lost their lives through gun violence. Community leaders said they hope the rally was the beginning of unity in the area.