Hundreds Run For Their Lives in Zombie Run

Lynchburg, VA - Hundreds came out to the campus of Presbyterian Homes and Family Services tonight for the first ever Run For Your Life Zombie event.

All of the money raised by the spooky 5-K went to benefit the United Way of Central Virginia.

Sunday night's race was pretty unique because there were two types of participants: runners, and the zombies they were running from.

A total of 128 zombies scattered in the woods. Their goal: to steal immunity flags from the runners.

"This has never been done before in Lynchburg as far as a run goes, and I think it's brought a lot of people that we don't usually see out which is kinda cool," said Tabitha Abbott.

Each of the 240 runners were given three life flags. They could purchase more for increased chance of survival.

Then they ran for their lives.

Wolfbane Produtions is a theater company in Lynchburg. They took care of the zombification process.

"People are really amped and excited. We have people coming in that have already started with rotting flesh on their face and some people have never been zombies before that are freaking out and they get really into it by the end- people walk out making noises and stumbling and everything else already in character so it's great," said Dustin Williams, Artistic Director Wolfbane Produtions.

Those passing the finish line with a flag were deemed "uninfected" and were entered to win prizes.

The zombies entered the flags they stole for prizes as well.

All in all, it was a good dose of Halloween fun for a good cause.

"We love getting help, so we love helping other people and it's great to help out with such a great cause out here," Williams said.

"Anyway you can get people to donate, I mean the people get to run a fun race, they get a t-shirt, they get to have a fun experience so it's nice that the money goes back to the community," said Jaime Smith, who ran the Zombie Run.

There was a post-apocalyptic party after the race complete with a Twinkie eating contest, Brunswick stew, and music from DJ Ed, who went by DJ "Dead" for the night.

Prizes were also awarded at the party.