Hundreds Come Out to ACS for Paul Ryan Rally

Crowd Tuesday Morning

Update 5 p.m.:

Lynchburg, VA - Paul Ryan had a message for Central Virginia Tuesday: Get to the polls. Election 2012 could very well come down to voter turnout.

Tuesday's rally at ACS in Lynchburg was meant to rally the Republican base.

Delegate Scott Garrett and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli revved up the crowd. Even Rev. Jonathan Falwell led with a prayer.

About 2,000 supporters gave Paul Ryan a warm Virginia welcome.

Fans say they liked the Paul Ryan they met Tuesday.

"I think he did a fantastic job and I'm glad he was here," said Ellen Richards.

"We need leadership like that to accomplish what needs to be accomplished for this country," said Donald Wilkerson.

Ryan hit on the economy and jobs.

"All this borrowing and all this money printing and all this spending costs us jobs. Get rid of this, fix this and we can create jobs. It's just that simple," he said.

ACS, Automated Conveyor Systems, hosted this event. Ryan says businesses like ACS symbolize the American dream.

"And guess what? These guys built their business. The government didn't do this for them."

Ryan said President Obama is promising next year the top effective tax rate on businesses will get hiked.

The Obama campaign was at the Ryan rally and fired back. Rob Dolan was a Massachusetts mayor when Romney was governor.

"The President of the United States is taking a pragmatic view in terms of investing in this country, having everyone pay their fair share. And we are moving forward in this country to a better place under Barack Obama," said Dolan.

The heat's been turned up on this election with three weeks to go.

There were two topics that brought "boos" at the rally Tuesday: When Congressman Goodlatte named Harry Reid, and when Ryan gave his take on President Obama's tax plan.


Lynchburg, VA -{}The{}national spotlight is on Lynchburg as Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan pays a visit to the area.

The rally is Tuesday at ACS, Automated Conveyor Systems, at 11 a.m.

Volunteer supporters{}say they could not be more excited because many of them see{}the speech as a historic event.

You can watch Ryan's speech streaming live here.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will also make his way back to Virginia.

His campaign says he'll attend rallies in Chesapeake and at Ida Lee Park in Leesburg on Wednesday afternoon.