Hundreds of Write In Votes Will Determine Winner of Appomattox Co. School Board Race

Appomattox, VA - We now know who the front runners are in a hotly contested seat for the Appomattox County School Board.

It's one of the last remaining undecided elections in the state. Mainly because, neither candidate was on the ballot, they were both write ins.

No one was running for the seat; the previous board member withdrawing her seat too late for anyone to be added to the ballot. So, Sharon Drinkard and Al Jones, each launched a write in campaign.

At Appomattox County High School we met up with Drinkard at a JV Football game.

Drinkard says both candidates, herself, and Jones, an Appomattox minister, both wanted the spot and rallied supporters.

Drinkard says either candidate, would be an excellent addition to the board, they're both very involved in various aspects of the county, and have the schools' best interests at heart.

She's anxious to know though if she will occupy the board's vacant seat.

"I'm wondering if that is the problem, how did they spell Sharon Drinkard on the ballot or whatever. I think there were 623 write ins, not sure what's holding up the count, I know they're doing the best they can, I don't really know anything at this point" she said.

The Appomattox County Board of Elections spent Wednesday and Thursday counting and recounting each written ballot to be absolutely sure they have a winner, and that is what they had as of Thursday night.

We're told the winner won't be announced though until the votes are certified by a judge, they're hoping that will happen on Friday.