Hundreds of Volunteers Help Build Homes for Two Families in Altavista

Altavista, VA - Two families will have brand new homes thanks to the Altavista Area/Campbell County Habitat for Humanity's "Blitz Build."

Kendra Lee is one of the volunteers who have been working hard to help build two new homes the past two days.

"I've been putting up shingles, siding, and picking up stuff and throwing away stuff. Hammering, and all this other stuff," said Lee.

But Lee has a special reason for being there: She and her two sons will move in to one of the new houses.

"It's great...amazing," said Lee as she put down some grass in front of her new house.

Habitat organizers had almost 300 volunteers come out during the two days. They started with just the foundation, and slowly constructed two homes, complete with a garden and most of the interior work.

It took a lot of hammering, sawing, and most importantly-- teamwork.

"That's what Habitat is about, is bringing people together. And being God's hands and God's feet really to get things done," said Jenny Trevey, the executive director of the Altavista Area/Campbell County Habitat for Humanity.

Several groups from local colleges, universities and churches were there to lend a hand.

"I enjoy being out here, being able to help people, and I'm sure everybody else does too. That's why they're here," said Geoffrey Jonas, a volunteer from Liberty University.

"Today is the best day because you get to see the excitement in the families' eyes. And they just super thankful to start their new lives," said Trevey.

That's something Lee has been excitedly waiting for.

"My kids can just play and I don't have to worry about no nobody, no cars or anything. But it's something we can call our own," she said. Habitat raised about $60,000 per home through donations and grants.

Next crews will paint the inside of the homes, put in new floors and install cabinets.

Organizers say the families are expected to move in by early December, just in time for Christmas.