Hundreds Get Tickets for Clinton & McAullife Rally in Blacksburg Next Week

Blacksburg, VA - Former President Bill Clinton is joining Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAullife on a multiple day swing.

They will stop nine times throughout the Commonwealth, including Blacksburg on Monday and Roanoke on Wednesday.

McAullife, a longtime Clinton supporter, is calling this his "Putting Jobs First" tour. And it's coming to Roanoke and Blacksburg.

Four more stops were added, but of all the stops, the one in Blacksburg may be the most important stop the pair can make.

McAullife is saving his big guns for last firing a last salvo at an area of southwestern Virginia that is normally a blue island in a sea of red.

Anne Marie Knovlauch has been in Blacksburg 15 years and knows exactly how important the area can be.

"Except for this little island of Montgomery County... I don't know it's just kind of an interesting demographic."

That tradition was broken last Presidential election when Mitt Romney edged out President Obama by just .3 of a percentage point.

Montgomery County itself traditionally votes Republican but overwhelming student numbers in Blacksburg usually put the county in the blue officially.

This year, the registrar says new names on the books-- mostly students -- are up for an off-year - roughly 3,000 in all.

Many are freshman like out of stater Skylar Mueller and students like Jennifer Murphy.

An area where many people here seem to understand has turned purple and become a battleground county.

"Definitely different to come to a battleground county so it's definitely a learning process and really interesting to become a part of that," said Murphy.

"Virginia is such an influential state and I heard about how important this governors election is so I thought I'd take part in it," said Mueller.

Making your typical bout of politics not as boring as they often can be.

"I think it's kind of great to be in this area that has so much kind of different ideas and different thoughts about how government should be in the same place," said Knovlauch.

Terry McAuliffe's opponent, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, released a response to the announcement of this tour. He says, "It's not surprising that Terry McAuliffe, who has been unable to present a positive case for Virginia's future and whose campaign has been nothing but negative and false attacks, needs folks like President Clinton to speak for him. Virginians will not be fooled. There's only one candidate in this race with a credible plan to create 58,000 jobs and ensure our children have access to a quality education."

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