Hundreds Coming Out to Lantern Tours at Historical Park

Appomattox, VA - The first ever Lantern Tours at the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park is drawing in folks from all over the country.

Organizers say people are driving all the way from Florida to be the first to experience it. They have already sold out for Friday and Saturday nights, but it'll be back next year.

It's a tour similar to the ones held annually at old city cemetery in Lynchburg. Now, Appomattox has one of its own.

Sue Cochrane with the Appomattox 1865 Foundation has been planning the tours for six months. She and a team of others tirelessly researched some of the oldest and often untold stories of Appomattox, like the town's very first murder.

"The murder is very visual because we'll have a young actor who will die six times a night for two nights because we have to reenact the murder," said Cochrane.

The man killed was the deputy sheriff at the time. He was stabbed with a pocket knife.

"That occurred right here in the clover hill tavern, so not only will we be portraying this murder, but it will be right on the spot where it happened," said Chris Bingham, an actor.

A pretty unique part of this tour is getting to see the park at night, which is going to give a whole new feel to the historical experience.

"We can show the park illuminated as it would have looked in the 1860's with just candle light and tell some very unique stories," said Cochrane.

"It sets you back 150 years and how dark it can be without modern lighting," said Bingham.

All actors will be dressed in period appropriate clothing. Even the man that was found dead out in the middle of the road, who was naked.

Bad news for anyone interested attending the lantern tours.