Hundreds Come Out to Paul Ryan Rally in Danville

Bill Bolling Speaking

Danville, VA - Hundreds of people were on their feet as Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan made a stop in Danville Wednesday morning.

Ryan spoke at Piedmont Precision Machine Company, making this his third visit to our area. He stopped in Newport News Tuesday afternoon and was in Roanoke last Friday for a fundraiser. Before that, he made an appearance in Roanoke County.

Ryan emphasized the need to not redistribute wealth but create wealth and have a strong middle class. He also spoke about replacing Obamacare and how he would take responsibility through tough issues.

Just before Paul Ryan ran on stage, he walked through Piedmont Precision Machine Company. While the business provided a backdrop, it also served as an example.

"PPM is a perfect American success story. This is the genius of the American idea, it's the essence of our economy," said Ryan.

Ryan says he wants to focus on tax reform.

"Plug loopholes, lower everyone's tax rates, like tax rates on these successful businesses by 20 % so they can compete, so they can take risks, so they can buy more machines and hire more people and get this economy growing again," he said.

"I think they are going to get this budget situation under control and get it so we can have jobs," said Dianne Harr, a Pittsylvania County resident.

Ryan also spoke about creating a stronger middle class.

"President Obama says he believes in redistribution. Mitt Romney and I are not running to redistribute the wealth. We are running to help Americans create wealth."

As a small business owner, Larry Giordano felt personally connected to Ryan's points.

"The regulations and the restrictions that the government tries to put on us is very restrictive and it just hurts us," she said.

Ryan spoke about Romney's business accomplishments and the need for those skills.

"Being successful in business that's a good thing in this country. That is nothing to be resentful of. We don't resent other people's success," said Ryan.

Ryan often talked about the nation's debt - something that resonated with the crowd.

"Repeating the same old thing is insanity. You're going to get the same results," said Lawrence Moss, a Pittsylvania County resident.

"It is our duty as leaders to protect and preserve the American dream for this and future generations," said Ryan.

A representative from the Obama-Biden campaign said in a statement that the Romney-Ryan plan will increase taxes to the middle class, and they will "turn hard-earned middle class income into special breaks for the wealthiest."