Humane Society Wants To Start Lower Cost Rabies Vaccine Clinic

Danville, VA - The Danville Humane Society may soon offer discounted rabies vaccines for cats and dogs. But before they can, they plan to go before City Council at the next session to get permission.

Right now, the only places you can get a rabies vaccine for your pet is at the veterinarians office or some stores. And representatives from the Humane Society say some people don't get them because they can't afford their rate. So, the Humane Society has a solution.

"Anything we can do to lessen the odds that rabies will spread is a good thing," said Paulette Dean, Director Danville Humane Society.

So Dean thinks that offering a monthly clinic with discounted rabies shots will do the trick. Dean says when pet owners go to a vet for the vaccine it will cost between $15 and $20. So, the Humane Society hopes to help out by hosting volunteer veterinarians who give shots that only cost $5.

"It's for safety of your pets and for the public," said Dean.

Dogs and cats need the vaccine every three years. And dog owner, Phyllis Russell's pup is nearly due.

"Fifteen or twenty dollars may not seem like a lot to some people but when you get money only once a month and times for those small bills to come around, that fifteen or twenty dollars is nearly impossible to get," said Russell.

So she says that reduced rate clinic will make a big difference.

"Ten dollars to spare is a loaf of bread, a pound of hamburger, gas in the car," said Russell.

The Humane Society has already started these clinics in Pittsylvania County. And Dean says recently they vaccinated 40 pets and hopefully prevented spreading the disease.

"Everybody loves a bargain," said Dean.

They hope to get all of the resolutions passed by the end of the month and then start the clinics. Dean suspects that it will have no trouble passing.