Humane Society Seizes 8 Cats, 4 Dead From Danville Woman

Danville, VA - Danville police and the Danville Humane Society removed eight cats from a home Sunday. They also found something else very disturbing at the home. Inside a cooler that was outside the house, the Humane Society says they found four more cats, all dead, all soaking wet. ABC13 News went to the house on Gray Street and spoke with the woman who lives there. She said she loves her cats and treats them well.While standing on her porch, where the Danville Area Humane Society says they found a cooler with four soaking wet, dead cats inside, Dorothy Stroud said, "I ain't kill nobody. I ain't kill nothing. I ain't do nothing to nobody, I haven't hurt no kids, uh cats." Stroud said she didn't know anything about that cooler or why it would be on her porch. She also said she loses count of how many cats she has invited into her home."I don't know how many I have. At this point? About three, let me see, six in there now," said Stroud. Police and the Humane Society confiscated eight on Sunday. Two of which were in such bad condition, Humane Society Executive Director Paulette Dean said they had to be put down."When we found them in the cupboard in the kitchen, we thought that they were dead," said Dean. Stroud now faces several charges."I feed them, give them water, rub them," said Stroud. What she didn't do is name them. ABC13 News asked her if she was upset about the cats that were taken away on Sunday."How does it make me feel? They should take the cats, it's alright. They can take the cats home," said Stroud. Dean hopes to eventually get custody of all of the cats so they can be placed into good homes Authorities suspect Stroud has at least a dozen more they couldn't get to. "You never forget, you never forget those animals you seize in a hoarding case," said Dean.Stroud is facing 11 misdemeanors including for inadequate care and animal cruelty.