Human Trafficking Survivor Shares Story of Hope

Lynchburg, VA - For three long years she was raped, beaten, and forced into the world of sex trade.

An Oregon woman is sharing her story at the Drowsy Poet in Lynchburg Thursday night, ahead of this weekend's Freedom 4/24 run.

Sara Hunt was about to start college at Portland State University. So, she got a part-time job at Macy's to help pay for school. Little did she know it was one of the largest recruiting areas for prostitutes. She knows now.

It was far from the dinner party a charismatic customer had promised. Sara Hunt agreed to go, having no idea what it would cost her.

"We never made it to that date. He ended up taking me to a house. He said it was his mom's. But really it was one of Portland's probably biggest trafficking houses where they move girls through," Hunt remembered.

She says four men surrounded her and injected her with a paralyzing drug.

"I just remember pressure from being dragged down the hall into a room. And that was when I endured my first few rapes from every guy in that house," Hunt added.

Over the next three years she endured countless more rapes, countless more beatings.

Until one day, Hunt made the decision to run. Her pimps made sure she didn't make it.

Three men had beaten me so bad that they left me in their front yard and went back inside. Some people had called the police and reported a dead body. And when they got there they realized, I wasn't dead," Hunt said.

When she got to the hospital doctor's told her she was six months pregnant. But she stayed silent, until a John, a frequent customer, helped Hunt break free.

"The biggest place that I went wrong in this whole journey was when my pimp told me I was beautiful. And I took that and I ran with it," Hunt said, hoping to keep others from the same fate.

Her son, six-year-old London, is a product of rape and the reason the cycle couldn't continue.

"Bad things do happen to good people. But there's so much purpose in that pain," Hunt added.

You can hear more of Hunt's story Thursday, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Drowsy Poet in Candler's Station.

She'll also be attending Lynchburg's Run for Their Lives 5K on Saturday. It takes place at Lynchburg College at 8:30 a.m.