Huddleston Home a Total Loss After Morning Fire

Huddleston, VA - Two people are living in a camper in their front yard this evening, after flames tore through the structure Wednesday morning.

The fire broke out at 16522 Wyatts Way, officials say.

Sadly, the family living in the home lost almost everything. Officials say the house is a total loss.

The homeowners declined to go on camera, but a family friend says there is nothing worse than seeing your friends lose their home.

"Oh yeah, I do feel bad for him. Oh yeah," said friend Charlie Nichols.

Just before 6:15 a.m., officials got the call and headed to Wyatts Way.

Homeowner Dennis Krantz and his wife say they were asleep in their bedroom, when they were woken up by the sound of glass shattering from the kitchen window. They say they jumped up, saw the flames, and grabbed their 18-month-old great grand son who was sleeping in a room nearby.

Everyone made it out of the home safely. Krantz says a few minutes after everyone was out, a good Samaritan stopped his vehicle, grabbed a water hose, and attempted to help tame the flames. They say they were not able to get his name. Shortly therafter, fire crews arrived and put the fire out.

The family is staying in a camper in their front yard. They say they are not accepting the Red Cross's offer to put them up in a motel for a few days.

Krantz and his wife say they have lived in the home for three years.

The family does have insurance.

Officials say the cause of the fire was an electrical system malfunction.